I am a family and child photographer specialising in fun photo sessions outdoors in Dublin and Wexford, Ireland

about me

Photography has been an interest of mine for many years but the arrival of my children marked the end of my interest and the start of my passion.  It has also marked a time in my life when I have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to pursue my dream of being a professional family and child photographer. 

I have had a number of roles in my life but nothing I have ever done has prepared me for the job satisfaction that comes with being a photographer.  Hearing that I have captured a particular look, that the children are still talking about the fun they had or that I have created an image that will be treasured for years makes me beam, inside and out.  I think I have the best job in the world!

The kinds of photographs I like to have, for myself of my children, show that sometimes there is laughter, sometimes not, sometimes the children will look straight at the camera, sometimes not but always their personality shines through (I hope).  I would really love to talk to you about the kind of photographs you would like of your family.  So, if you like the kinds of photos here and on my portfolio page, do give me a call so we can chat about how to best capture images for your family.

my memories are made of this