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the start of a journey

When I was 13 my mother gave me a handwritten card with the following quote on it.  

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.
— Henry David Thoreau

It was on my wall in front of my desk for years, so anytime I looked up from my studies (which was often) I saw it.  My mother also made a speech on my wedding day with this quote as the central theme.  

My current dream is to become a professional photographer.  For years I have taken photos of my travels with my husband in our 'life before kids', but since Michael, Paul and Beth have arrived there are very few photos of anything but our children and my friends and family and their children.  So this is the start of the journey for me to turn the dream, of making a living from capturing the fleeting moments of childhood, into a reality.  

Baby portrait smiling up at camera

Mum, I hope I make you proud now watching me trying to live the life I have imagined.