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warm wild winter photo shoots

There are two things that make me love winter portrait photo shoots – the light and the weather.  Yes, I did say the weather!

Winter golden hour portrait of extended family silhouetted on be
Winter golder hour portrait of grandchild with granny on beach

the golden hour in winter....

There is a really special time of the day for light, which is known as the golden hour.  It happens twice during the day, an hour after sunrise and an hour before sunset.  The sun is really low in the sky, during the golden hour, and so the sun’s rays have to pass through more of the atmosphere.  This produces the most beautiful soft, warm light.   In other seasons we don’t normally have the option of taking family portraits (or at least those including young children) in the golden hour, but in winter, we do. This Christmas day we went for a walk on the beach (to make room for pudding) in the golden hour.

Winter golden hour portrait of two brothers silhouetted on beach
Winter golden hour portrait of two brothers on beach in Ireland

the weather...

The weather can also help create great portraits.  Skies just before or after a storm can make a stunning backdrop, particularly with the low winter sun and the wind can create amazing windswept pictures which I think have added to the portraits of these two boys and their sisters.

On location beach child portrait shoot in Wexford Ireland
Winter windswept portrait of boy in Kilkenny
Portrait of sisters smiling on beach

While older families can avail of golden hour photo shoots for another few months, those with younger children will find March is generally the last month that it is an option, until the days start getting shorter again.  So why not take out your camera and your kids during the golden hour and take some photos or call me on 087 8157412 to arrange your golden hour family portrait shoot.