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proud to be Irish

As a Dub in Fethard-on-Sea this weekend I loved:

  • the fact that the parade was the day before St. Patrick's day, after 30 years Fethard couldn't wait the extra day
  • snakes and shamrocks painted on faces in Nevilles
  • more tractors than my daughter has ever seen in one place
  • the float of VW models which the kids loved
  • the home made cookies to keep the onlookers sweet
  • the enterprising community spirit that made it all happen
  • the green VW Beetle
  • the amazing after parade party which had everyone in our family dancing away
  • the bemused Americans who wondered did we know we had got the day wrong.
What's that Mummy?

What's that Mummy?

I am very proud to be Irish. 

Even the sweets are green!

Even the sweets are green!