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How many digital photos have you taken of your family that your children have never seen?

I used to have thousands :-) but last year we setup our 2013 Family Photo Stream. This is an Apple Shared Photo Stream which has a collection of photos taken over the year, some from important milestones, which I took with my Canon 5D Mark III, but most taken of moments in our everyday lives with my iPhone.  Our children regularly view the photos in this and in 2014’s Photo Stream on our iPhones, iPAD and Apple TV and the best thing about the Photo Streams is that because they take so little effort to keep them up to date they are actually current! 

The Photo Stream solution works for me and my husband because we are both iPhone users and love Apple devices.  Photo Streams are basically collections of photos stored on Apple’s iCloud.  They are a solution for us because:

— I can setup a Photo Stream which I can share with my husband and he will get notifications of new photos as I upload them

- Even though they are called Shared Photo Streams I can also setup Photo Streams that are private to me

- I can setup Photo Streams that multiple iPhone users can contribute to which is great for families 

- I can take a photo on my iPhone and upload it straight away to a Photo Stream even over 3G (this means I don’t have to try to remember to do it later!) 

- I can also upload photos from my ‘proper’ camera via my computer

- I can upload video to a Photo Stream

-I can even share my Photo Streams as a public website to allow non iPhone users to see them which we find is useful for grannies!!

- Photostreams are free

- I use the Photo Streams as an alternative to games on my iPhone when I need to distract the kids for a few minutes.

I know that without our yearly Photo Stream a lot of the images we had taken over the year, last year, on our iPhones would never have been looked at again but now we view them regularly on the iPhone and they are setup as a slideshow on the Apple TV.

Just a couple of words of caution, however, please continue to backup your photos in your normal way do not regard Photo Streams as a backup mechanism.  The downside of Photo Streams is that there are really Apple device specific, if you use an iPhone but your partner uses an Android then they are probably not the best solution for your family.

To setup a Shared Photo Stream you will need to complete steps (1) and (2) on each device you wish to view the Photo Streams on:

(1)    setup iCloud on your device

(2)   setup iCloud photo sharing

(3)   create a Shared Photo Stream and invite viewers/contributors

(4)  add photos to your Shared Photo Stream

How do you view the digital photos you have taken of your family?  I would love to hear the solution you have come up with.

An iPhone photo I probably would never have looked at again but for Apple's Shared Photo Streams

An iPhone photo I probably would never have looked at again but for Apple's Shared Photo Streams