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things to do on the Hook Peninsula - Tintern Abbey and Colclough Walled Garden

bluebells in Tintern

Tintern is a special place to spend an afternoon.  It has an old Abbey, forest walks, a walled garden and lovely tea rooms for a treat afterwards :)

I love:

- the Tintern Abbey guides who enthral the children with stories of the olden days

- going on a treasure hunt for heads in the Abbey walls

- playing Poohsticks over the bridge

- having a tree climbing competition

- the buggy-accessible forest walks to Colclough Walled Garden  

- the carpet of bluebells and wild garlic in the spring time

- the vision and perseverance which has turned an overgrown wilderness into the beauty the Walled Garden is now

- wishing we had been around to sponsor a tree in the garden

- the vegetables you can eat for dinner fresh from the garden

- the promise of something tasty in Tintern Abbey Tea Rooms

What more could you want?

enjoying Colclough Walled Garden