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animals that look like rock, rock that dissolves and other stories

My husband’s family come from Co. Clare.  Actually he comes from one of the few villages in Ireland which has a church and a school but no pub!!

I love Clare, it is home to my amazing mother-in-law, it has the majesty of the cliffs of Moher and it is has the Burren.

‘How was it made Mummy?’

Well I had to look this up, but what a story...imagine...

-         millions and millions of years ago there used to be a tropical sea where the Burren is

-         there was coral living in this sea and coral although it might look like a rock is actually an animal

-         when the coral died the remains of the coral helped to form the limestone rock which makes up the Burren now

-         the funny thing about limestone, which is a rock, is that it is soluble

-         the other funny thing about limestone is you might find it in your toothpaste

-         over 350 million years the rock has become the way it is now because some of it has dissolved away

-         the ice ages when the world was covered in ice changed the rock too

-      you can see the shapes of the animals, that used to live in the sea, in fossils in the rock

-      the Burren is now a special place for plants.  Plants that are found in the arctic, the Mediterranean and the alps all live happily together in the Burren.

I love that my kid’s questions keep me learning every day.  Thank god for Wikipedia :)