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colour me handsome

Maureen Stuart Photography Portrait Outdoors Dublin






Have you had your colours done is a question I often find myself asking my female clients.  Some friends and I had a ‘Colour Me Beautiful’ consultation a number of years ago and it was both fun and informative.  Going with friends was great because we got to see how some colours looked good on one of us but did nothing for another.  

With family portraits co-ordinating clothes for a photo session can be difficult but one factor I do recommend that the women consider is what colours they feel look best on them.  Kids look good in most colours and the men usually aren’t as particular as the women, so one approach is to start with your with your own wardrobe and build a co-ordinated set of outfits for your family around an outfit and colours that you love on you.  Maybe that’s selfish or maybe that’s pragmatic, I am not sure!!


Maureen Stuart Photography Portrait Natural Light.jpg

Thanks so much to Maurice Wright for permission to share these images with you, which I think show how different clothing styles and colours can change the final portrait even when a similar pose is used.  I think you will agree though that Maurice looks handsome in them all.

Maureen Stuart Photography Portrait in Natural Light in Dublin