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a different perspective...

This is possibly referendum related but I have been thinking recently about perspective and trying to understand other people’s viewpoints.

In photography perspective is an equally powerful concept. 

Perspective...what you see depends not only on what you look at but also, where you look from.
— James Deacon

In all these photos the children were in exactly the same place happily building their sandcastles, oblivious to me, but I changed my position and the height from which I was taking the photo in each image.  I climbed a cliff, lay down on the sand, took some on my honkers and took one from standing and as you can see very different images resulted.

So why not change your perspective the next time you take a photo.  Avoid taking a photo the way you would normally see the scene and go down low or up high for a different viewpoint.

To finish up an alarm clock’s perspective:

You get mad at me when I wake you up, and you get mad at me when I don’t.