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fastest one-handed draw…

Picture this…

weighing up the desire to capture the first time the boys wheeled the suitcases versus the need to get to the gate before the plane took off


loving that the kids got to go in the cockpit but unwilling to let Beth’s hand go in case she used her keys like she wanted to

kids in the cockpit

knowing this snuggle would be momentary but wanting to capture it forever


thinking that maybe this will be the last tantrum ever (she is nearly 3) so I should photograph it.  It turns out I need not have worried!


If your SLR isn’t on, with the lens cap off, these are the moments you might never photograph. I know I will treasure the memories associated with these photos for a long time, which is why I love how fast I can take a photo on my iPhone.

What ‘special’ moments have you captured on your smartphone?