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What's your wonderful?

I am part of a Facebook photographer’s group where someone asked the question the other day ‘What’s your wonderful?’   Apparently the question was based on a radio show called The Wonderful Hour where people used to phone in with what was ‘wonderful’ for them.

This is my wonderful…my three kids roaring with laughter having fun with each other... even now just thinking about it makes my heart soar.

The kids had put great thought into how to make this water fight wonderful.  They requested that the water be warm, the fight had to take place on the sunny and sheltered side of the house and the towels had to be close by to warm them up when Daddy was refilling the buckets!

The waterfight made our weekend.  The kids were in seventh heaven drenching each other.  I was happy because for once there was no persausion involved in getting my children to let me take their portraits, water fight photoshoots rock!  My husband was delighted too as he knew that there was a good chance a collage would result and would finally cover the blank wall above the sofa.

That’s our wonderful.  What’s yours?  There were some great answers on my Facebook group but I would love to hear yours.