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photographing flowers is like photographing children…and not…

2015-08 Colclough Walled Garden1.jpg

These beautiful flowers are from Colclough Walled Gardens in Tintern Abbey in Co. Wexford.  After a morning of chasing my children around with my camera the visit to the Walled Gardens reminded me of the easy joy of photographing flowers:


Flowers will happily stay in one place so you may take their photo.

Flowers don’t need to be coaxed into looking in the general direction of the camera.

Flowers don’t need to be fed at regular intervals during the photo shoot to maintain their mood.


Flowers don’t tell nonsensical jokes to make you laugh.

Flowers don’t surprise you with the real smile they have been hiding when you least expect it.

Flowers don’t let you know that you have earned their trust with a big goodbye hug.