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Baginbun beach...

I don’t know about you but the appearance of the sun this week has really lifted my spirits. So much so that I feel like summer is only around the corner :-)  

For the last few years we have been lucky enough to spend much of our summers on the Hook Peninsula in Wexford. This area of Wexford is full of historic landmarks, the 800 year old Hook Lighthouse, Tintern Abbey and the Kennedy Homestead to name but a few.  My favourite historic location is Baginbun beach which is where two Norman ships, the Bagg and the Bun landed in May 1170.  The phrase "at the creeks of Baginbun, Ireland was lost and won" refers to the ensuing battle.

I would have to admit though it is my favourite spot not because of its history but because it is a great place to keep children entertained.  It is safe for swimming and the stunning cliffs allow for sheltered sandcastle building.  There are even rock pools to explore. 

The photos are from a session with a lovely Wexford family on Baginbun beach back in February last year.  Thanks for letting me share them guys.