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being grateful...

I love January.  

Ok so it is wet, cold and I do find it VERY hard to get back into the routine but it is a month of reflection for me.  January is when I review what I achieved last year and try to figure out what I want to get out of this.  This year post attending the Pendulum Summit and absorbing some of what life coach Tony Robbins had to say, I am focusing not just on achievements but on how to be fulfilled.   Tony says (and I know it sounds very American)  if you want to lead an extraordinary life you need to both achieve your goals and feel fulfilled.  Such a simple premise. 

Sometimes I think I let moments of happiness slip by without paying them much heed though, so this year I am determined to take a moment a be grateful for the happy times.  These photos are from the four days of very precious family time we had over the Christmas holidays. So much to be grateful for from having time to spend playing with the kids, to them being happy to play by themselves, to pj days, to Paul's very toothless grin, to the most beautiful break in the rain when we fitted in a trip to the beach to  chase the waves.

I am also grateful I have these photos to remind me of these moments which might otherwise be forgotten :-)