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Carnivan beach is like chocolate without the guilt…

I grew up going to Achill Island on my summer holidays.  We had many wild, windy, wet days there during the summers I stayed there but I LOVED it.  I loved the mountains, the heather, the bog, the power of the sea and of course the amazing beaches.

My summers these days are spent on the Hook Peninsula which also has many beautiful beaches.  Being in the Sunny South East summers on the Hook often boast drier, calmer, sunnier days than the west, which is useful if, like me,  you are an outdoor family photographer!

Like Achill Island, the Hook Peninsula has a huge variety of beaches.  You could visit a different beach every day for a week.  It is hard to choose a favourite beach.  Duncannon has the draw of a great playground and kite surfing, you can avail of surfing lessons on Carnivan or go digging for treasure on Dollar Bar.  My personal favourite in the summer time though is Baginbun such a safe, beautiful, family friendly beach.

In the winter Carnivan beach usurps Baginbun for me though.  The prevailing wind drives the waves onto the beach making it as wild as any beach on the west coast.  For me it feels like going west (without the long journey).  I always come back from a trip to Carnivan beach in good form, so much so that my husband once asked me had I been eating chocolate on the beach :-)

Obviously the photos of these two beautiful girls were taken in the summer time.  These girls are Carnivan girls through and through.  They live close by and visit almost every day so I know they will have as many happy memories of Carnivan as I do of Achill and I feel privileged to capture some for them.