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definition of a superhero...

As a child my superheroes had magic powers to fight the baddies.  Now my definition of a superhero has changed.  I recognise and am inspired by superhero attributes in many people I know.  My definition of a superhero is someone who shows his or her strength by:

-       pushing themselves to do things out of their comfort zone and not giving up when the going gets tough,

-       feeling empathy for and supporting others in need even when they are going through challenging times themselves,

-       knowing when they need help and asking for and accepting it,

-       giving without counting the cost to themselves.

In the news we hear of heroic efforts made by others but I also see superheroes in people I meet on a daily basis whose gestures are not newsworthy.  I see a superhero in the girl who agreed to orienteer at an international competition for the Irish team because they were short a team member. She agreed despite being concerned she wasn’t fit enough and finished top Irish athlete for her age.  I see a superhero in the busy mum who has a sick parent but found the time to organise a cake sale to raise money for Syrian refugees. I see superheroes at my son’s soccer coaching sessions with the coaches who give so generously of their time and teach the kids how to score goals and play fairly in the same breath …I think we all have the power to be a superhero and what better example for children than real life superheroes…

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