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finding a frame...

Framing an image can mean one of two things, it can mean using the kind of frame that is a part of the image composition or the kind of frame that goes around a printed image so it can be hung on the wall.  

The reason photographers use frames as part of the image composition is to direct the viewers attention to the subject of the image.  I love trying to find man-made or natural elements that can make a frame around my subject although with these first two images it was opportunistic rather than planned as any direction on my part would have resulted in me getting drenched!



Tunnels in playgrounds are great for providing framing opportunities and have the added benefit that your subjects won't need much persuasion to go into the frame.



My favourite type of framing is when I can use natural elements to provide the frame around the subject.  The difference in light here also provides a type of frame or vignette to draw attention to the people.



Frames can provide context to an image as the frame in this image does, as these type of stone walls are very common in County Clare where this photo was taken.


The other type of frame, the kind that goes around the printed image is a little like the icing on the cake to me.  I personally like frames that are simple, contemporary but classic, ones which I feel will never date like this my Slant Frame which hangs over my desk.