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playing at being a Norman archer in Wexford...

I didn't plan this blog. You will suspect this is true when you see the lack of colour co-ordination in the kid's outfits. You will know this is true when you see the photo of me in a fleece!  Despite the lack of preparation we had only been at 3D Archery 30 minutes when I realised I really had to blog about this place.

It was my son Paul's suggestion that we try archery. Well actually he wanted to try it, he didn't particularly care if the rest of us did or not! When pressed on the reason for the sudden interest it turned out to be Minecraft driven. It seems Paul is actually very good at archery in Minecraft so he was pretty confident that he would be good in the 'real world' too.

3D Archery provides an opportunity for families to try out field based archery in Wexford. I will have to admit that I didn't actually understand what this meant until we arrived but it was amazing. 

-           From our first contact with them, Stephen and Andrew in 3D Archery couldn't do enough for us.  They set expectations that our youngest, who is 3, was still a little young for archery but promised a suitable bow and arrow for her.  Beth felt totally included and has come away thinking she is a natural at it, which is partly her own self confidence but mostly the encouragement given by Andrew.

-           Our two boys who are aged 9 and 7 absolutely loved it.  Andrew taught us how to use the bow and arrow and then brought us through a woodland trail in Kilmokea Country Manor and Gardens where he gave us points for shooting the 3D replica animals.  He explained that the Normans used bows and arrows for hunting and fighting but emphasised that we would would never point an arrow at a real animal or annoying brother!

-           The tree trunks lining the woodland trail were decorated with interesting facts about the Normans, which again our children loved. 

-           The last part of the trail involved clout shooting where the boy's arrows disappeared into the sky before landing surprisingly close to the knight target.  The boys loved pretending that they were part of an advancing army trying to capture a base and this was their favourite part.

-           Throughout Andrew provided technical advice on improving our skills and great encouragement to all who needed support (mostly the adults).  Well truthfully mostly me.   Luckily the scoring system implemented by Andrew favoured children and mothers so Justin didn’t win.

-           Kilmokea Country Manor has a lovely cafe too so there is sustenance available for tired archers at the end of the trail which makes it a perfect morning family activity.

-           3D Archery also give you the option of dressing up as Normans and we will definitely be trying that out next time.


Of course you could always combine your trip to 3D Archery with a visit to nearby Baginbun beach where the Normans landed and get your family photos taken too.