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the best time to plant a tree...

‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago; the second-best is now’
— Chinese Proverb

In photography terms the best time to start taking family portraits annually may have been when you started your family but the second best time is most definitely now.  Don't wait for the perfect weather, for your kids to be the perfect age, for you to be looking 'perfect' just take one.  The portraits don't need to be taken by a professional.  We choose our favourite family portrait each year and get it framed.  These portraits have been taken by friends, one of my midwives, a builder, my niece, a Santa elf, my remote control and some professionals.  

You will never regret taking a family portrait and you and your kids will have it for ever.  I treasure mine more than anything else I own.  

The first of these was taken by a friend and the last by one of the very friendly guys from City Building Supplies.  

Of course if you want help with a family portrait just give me a call!