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the crock of gold under the rainbow...

The beautiful Venezuelan girl in these engagement photos has been our childminder over the last 12 months.  Yuraima has become a member of our family over this time and has been part parent, part sibling, part friend to our three children who love her dearly. She has also been an invaluable help to me throughout the year. Yuraima has found ways to help me with everything from the household chores to my photography business and I am having nightmares about the prospect of her leaving!

She is leaving us though, for Tony.  Despite, selfishly, not liking the impact of their meeting on my family, I love Yuraima and Tony’s story. 

They were born 7000km apart,  grew up speaking different languages from birth and their schools didn’t rate the other’s country enough to mention it!  Yet when they met, they found a similar kindness, sense of humour and positive outlook in each other.  May you have many, many happy years together Yuraima and Tony.  Congratulations on your engagement.