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what do cromwell, Bermuda and family photoshoots have in common?

Palmerston Park is on the site where the Battle of Rathmines took place in 1649.  The Battle of Rathmines was a battle which allowed Cromwell’s supporters retain control of Dublin and enabled Cromwell and his army to land safely in Ringsend.  There are those who believe that without this landing Cromwell may not have conquered Ireland and that Ireland’s history may have taken a very different course.

A century later the Temple family gained ownership of the land on which Palmerston Park is located and in 1881 Lord Palmerston and Lady Cowper donated the land for the park to Rathmines and Rathgar Town Councils.

It took another 10 years before agreement was reached between the local residents and the Town Councils on the park, however, but perseverance won out and William Sheppard was then appointed to design the park.

William Sheppard was born in Bermuda, grew up in England but came to Ireland in his late twenties and has left a mark on many current families' daily lives through his work on Palmerston Park, Harold’s Cross Park, St Anne’s Park and of course St. Stephen’s Green Park. 

So but for the battle on the site of Palmerston Park, Cromwell may never have conquered Ireland.  Bermuda was the birthplace of the designer of the park and as you can see it is a great location for family photoshoots!