Preparation for Family and Child Photography Portrait Shoot | Dublin and Wexford, Ireland

Prepare for your family portrait session, I advise plain clothes, full children, some snacks and toys for the little ones, after that just come ready for some fun!

preparation for portrait shoots 

- the best way to prepare is try to ensure that the children are happy when they arrive for their photo session so let me know what time will work best for your family and we will schedule the session appropriately.

-  with my own children I know that they need to be well fed and rested in order to embark on a new adventure, so it is often best to plan a photo shoot after a meal and nap time and before too much other activity has taken place . Please feel free to bring some snacks to give younger children during the session if required.

- for babies I also advise bringing a couple of their favourite toys to help entertain them and focus their attention when I am taking photos. 

- the clothes you wear for the photo session are important, the clothes the family are wearing should look good when viewed together:

    - try limiting the number of different colours being worn and go for clothes with similar strength of colour, for example all muted tones or all strong bright colours,

    - clients often comment that logos and clothes with TV characters date photos so consider that too when selecting outfits,

    - most importantly of all though, make sure the children are comfortable in what you have chosen,

    - if you can, bring a change of clothes or different hats, glasses or other accessories as this can add a new dynamic to the photos.